DevLink 2014 Presentations

Last week I had the privilege to speak at DevLink in Chattanooga, TN.  I had a great time!  It was fun to present.  I was also was able to attend some great sessions.  DevLink is always a top notch event to attend.

I had a full load of presentations – four in three days!  Overall I think the sessions came together very well.  If you attended any of my sessions, I would greatly appreciate any feedback. You can find a copy of all my presentations below and on

  1. Programming Azure Active Directory
  2. Inside Azure Diagnostics
  3. Automating Your Azure Environment
  4. More Cache for Less Cash

My Presentations at DevLink 2012

Last week I had the honor of presenting three Windows Azure releated sessions at DevLink.

A few people at DevLink asked where they could find my slides.  I’m starting to upload more and more of my conference presentations to SlideShare at  Below are the three sessions from DevLink.

What’s New in Windows Azure

This talk is largely the same as my “What’s New for the Windows Azure Developer? Lots” talk.  You’ll find the same material, and more, in that talk.  I shorted the verision for DevLink some to fit the alloted time.

The Hybrid Windows Azure Application

Using Windows Azure for Solving Identity Management Challenges