TechEd 2014 Roundtable Recap

Recently I had the good fortune to added a roundtable discussion with some of the fine folks organizing the upcoming Microsoft TechEd conference in Houston.  This was a great opportunity to provide feedback directly to the team that is helping to organize TechEd.  I was also able to meet some fun, passionate folks from all over the United States, and even from the U.K. ImageWe were able to discuss many aspects of TechEd, including pre-conference seminars, keynotes, sessions (breakout and foundational), the alumni lounge, closing attendee party, and much more.  It’s great to see Microsoft putting so much effort into ensuring TechEd attendees are getting a top-notch experience.  Check out this post to learn more about the TechEd Roundtable discussions, including some key benefits of attending TechEd.

If you haven’t yet registered for TechEd, now is the time to do it.  Register before December 31st and save $300!

This was my first trip to Houston (well, for more than anything than changing planes at the airport).  What a cool city!!


I was there for a little less than two days, so I didn’t get to see a lot of sites, but what I did see by driving around and eating at a few restaurants was pretty cool.  Two places I ate at while in Houston were The Corner Table and Flying Saucer.  Check out all the plates on the walls and ceiling at Flying Saucer.  Apparently you can earn a plate based on the number of different types of beers you try.  Fun!


If you want to see more cool sites and activities in Houston, be sure to watch Joey Snow and Rick Claus on The Countdown Show.


TechEd is going to be held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.  It is designed to look somewhat like a steam ship. From the smokestacks on the top of the building, to the port holes for windows, to the large support pillars in the exhibition hall . . . this is a really interesting venue!

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As I mentioned previously, now is the perfect time to register for TechEd.  Before taking some time away for the holidays, get your registration completed.  You’ll save $300.  Easy.  I’ve been to two previous TechEd’s and have thoroughly enjoyed each.  You meet some great people  – and that’s really one of the key benefits.  TechEd is a fantastic way to share ideas, learn, and make some new friends.  Plus, you get a chance to meet with Microsoft product team members and provide feedback directly to those building the products you use.  In my opinion, that is very valuable.

Hope to see you in Houston!