Cincinnati Day of Agile

This past Saturday (05/15/2010) I had the pleasure of attending the first Cincinnati Day of Agile conference. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people who attended. I thought a lot of people would be there, mostly because the organizers are pretty well-known in the community, but I didn’t expect anywhere near the approximately 130 people who did attend!

Cincinnati Day of Agile was a day long conference focusing on Agile techniques, practices, experiences, and even a few tips & tricks for success. The event organizers and speakers did a wonderful job. There were about 10 speakers, each speaking for about 30 minutes. After each speaker, there was a few minutes for Q & A while the next speaker set up. There where a lot of great questions asked during those Q & A sessions.

I was even more impressed at the questions and discussions that were part of the open panel discussion held during lunch. Many of the speakers spent much of their lunch break answering questions from, and discussing Agile with, the attendees. The speakers were very passionate about spreading the Agile word, and their passion rubbed off on many of the attendees.

Unfortunately I have yet to “live the dream” of working on an Agile project. The situations just have never worked out. Although I have been at places that tried to inject some Agile into their waterfall . . . hmmm. Walking away from Cincinnati Day of Agile just reaffirmed my belief that running software development projects in an Agile way is often the right way to go. I hope to take what I learned there, as well as that passion for Agile, and slowly apply it at the places I work.

This Cincinnati Day of Agile event was a great success. The organizers are already taking feedback on this first event (a little retrospective) and beginning to plan for a fall session. Be sure to keep an eye on for details!