CloudDevelop 2014 – Loaded with Cloud Experts

It’s hard to believe that as I write this, CloudDevelop is only 16 days away! Myself and the other organizers have been working on the 2014 edition of CloudDevelop for the last year – pretty much right after CloudDevelop 2013 ended last August.


Coming out of last year we set a goal to improve the attendee and sponsor experience for CloudDevelop. I’m really proud of and excited about some of the changes made for CloudDevelop this year. I think attendees this year will find a more diverse set of talks, with a wide range of topics related to various cloud platforms, technologies, and development and architecture patterns. Additionally, CloudDevelop has a new home in 2014 – the Gateway Film Center.  The Gateway Film Center should provide a fun new experience for attendees and sponsors alike.

I’m personally very excited to have David Aiken provide the opening keynote address for CloudDevelop.  I’ve known David for several years, starting back when he was working with Microsoft customers in the early days of Windows Azure. David has since held roles at Aditi leading a cloud architecture team, and now switching clouds entirely and working with the HP Helion platform.  David’s deep technical background and experience will undoubtedly provide for an insightful opening to CloudDevelop.

If you would like to learn more about CloudDevelop, including viewing a list of the speakers and their sessions, please visit

Tickets are just $20 and you can get yours now at

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