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Two years ago (almost to the day . . . weird) I wrote a post about me leaving an awesome company to join another awesome company.  Today, I do it again.

I’ve been honored to serve as a National Architect with Neudesic for the past two years.  There I was able to follow my passion and work almost exclusively on cloud projects – specifically Windows Azure projects.  I was fortunate to work on some awesome and fun projects.  I’ve worked with some wicked smart and passionate folks.  I learned a lot.  To the team at Neudesic – “thank you”!

I wanted to take a minute to mention one person specifically – David Pallmann. I knew of David through his community work with Windows Azure.  We were both named Windows Azure MVPs in the first class of Windows Azure MVPs.  That year David posted a message on Twitter shortly before MVP Summit asking if anybody wanted to dive deep into Windows Azure and help him build something cool.  I wanted to learn more about this opportunity!  I talked with David and a few others at MVP Summit and was excited by what they had in mind.  After much personal debate, I decided to join their team.

I’ve been able to work side-by-side with David the past couple of years.  I’ve learned a great deal from him.  He’s crazy smart!  I’m also convinced the man doesn’t sleep.  He gave me a chance to follow my passion, and for that, I’m eternally grateful.  To David Pallmann – “thank you”.

What’s next?  Well, for the next week I’m going to do a whole lot of nothing besides work on my very poor golf game.  The weather is getting nice in Central Ohio, and I’m going to spend some serious time on the golf course.  I’m sure the “honey do” list will also rear it’s head.

After that, I will be joining the team at Aditi as a Principal Cloud Architect.  I’m excited to be joining an amazingly talented and passionate team there.  There is no doubt in my mind that I’ll enjoy working with Wade Wegner, Ryan Dunn, Steve Marx, Nuno Godinho and the rest of their team.  Should be some fun times ahead!

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3 comments on “Coming Up Next . . .
  1. We’re so excited for you to join the team, Michael! As was recently said on Twitter … Dream Team!

  2. Welcome to the dream team Michael. We can’t wait to have a party on the cloud. :-)

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