Windows AzureConf – Spring 2013

The first Windows AzureConf was held on November 14th, 2012 and was streamed LIVE from Microsoft’s Channel 9 studios in Redmond, WA.  I was honored to be a speaker for this amazing event.  If you missed anything, you can catch all the sessions on-demand at

Windows AzureConf returned bigger and better than ever on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013  The event was again streamed LIVE from Channel9, and complemented by several recorded full-length and “bonus” sessions.  I was honored to be selected again as a speaker for AzureConf. My presentation was entitled “Taking Control of Your Windows Azure Services” and focused on how to use the Windows Azure Service Management API to have more control and options when working with nearly all aspects of Windows Azure.

Taking Control of Your Windows Azure Service

During this session I demonstrated several pretty cool features of Windows Azure:

  • Windows Azure Service Management API – authentication, sync and async requests, GET and POST operations, etc.
  • Azure Fluent Management – a really cool library by Windows Azure MVPs Richard Conway and Andy Cross to make working with the Service Management API a lot easier.
  • WASABi – the Windows Azure Autoscaling Application Block (“WASABi”) to allow us to automatically scale Cloud Services using a variety of flexible and configurable rules.

As part of my demo showing how to use the Windows Azure Service Management API, I put together a quick Windows Store application.  For me this served two purposes – get more experience with Windows Store apps (if you’ve seen the app you know I need as much as I can get . . . yikes) and to have useful way to show some of what you can do with the Windows Azure Service Management API.  I’d like to extend a big thanks to Samidip Basu for his help in putting the Windows Store app together – he helped make some pretty gnarly code I had work a lot better.

Windows8 App Screenshot

Windows Azure evangelists Brady Gaster, Cory Fowler, and Chris Risner deserve a huge “THANK YOU” for helping to organize AzureConf again.  Amazing job, guys!!

If you missed any of the Windows AzureConf sessions, be sure to check out to watch, or download, them all.

Session Presented By
Keynote Scott Guthrie
Taking Control of Your Windows Azure Services Michael Collier
Windows Azure Web Sites – Things They Don’t Teach Kids in School Maarten Balliauw
From Collocated Servers to Windows Azure Web Sites in Three Days Joey Schluckter
Essential IaaS for Developers Vishwas Lele
Developing Cross Platform Mobile Solutions with Azure Mobile Services Chris Woodruff
Debugging and Monitoring Windows Azure Cloud Services Eric Boyd
Real World Architectures using Windows Azure Mobile Services Kristof Rennen
Lights, Camera, Action – Media Services on the Loose Mike Martin
How we Made on Windows Azure Maarten Balliauw

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