Announcing Windows AzureConf

On Wednesday, November 14th Microsoft will be hosting a live, online conference dedicated to sharing real-world knowledge about Windows Azure.  Windows AzureConf will be streamed live from Microsoft’s Channel 9 studios. 


AzureConf will feature a keynote by Scott Guthrie and several presentations by Windows Azure MVPs and Insiders.  I’m honored to be one of the speakers for Windows AzureConf.  The speakers for AzureConf are truly top-notch – Rick Garibay, Panagiotis Kefalidis, Mihai Tataran, Magnus Martensson, Sasha Golshtein, Eric Boyd, and Andy Cross. Many of these guys I know from the Windows Azure community, and I’m looking forward to meeting the rest.

What are we going to be talking about?  There’s tons of fun and exciting things you can do with Windows Azure.  A few of the topics we’ll be covering at Windows AzureConf include:

  • HTML5, WCF, node.js and Windows Azure
  • Windows Azure Media Services
  • Elastic and automatic scalability
  • Security and compliance
  • Continuous delivery with Git and Windows Azure
  • Windows Azure deployment techniques (that’s mine)
  • Web API, SignalR, Twilio and Windows Azure
  • Windows Azure Mobile Services
  • Using Windows Azure with embedded devices
  • Throttling and fault handling

The full session list is available at, so be sure to check that out.

If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to sign up for a FREE Windows Azure account.  Maybe use your new Windows Azure account to follow along with the presentations!!