Make it Happen in the Cloud: Windows Azure Developer Camp

There’s never been a better time to start exploring all the exciting features Windows Azure has to offer.  With Web Sites, Cloud Services, Virtual Machines, Mobile Services, Service Bus, and so much more, there’s a plethora of features available with Windows Azure.  My colleague David Pallmann points out 10 Reasons to Take a Fresh Look at Windows Azure.

Starting this month, Microsoft is conducting a series of developer focused events designed to show developers how they can create exciting, scalable, modern applications powered by Windows Azure.  These events will be held in 23 select cities across the country and will be lead by local Microsoft partners with expertise in Windows Azure.  My company, Neudesic, will be the lead partner in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Portland, San Antonio, and San Diego.  In fact, I’ll be leading the charge in Cleveland and Cincinnati!

Register Today

9/27 Cleveland 10/23 Rochester, NY
10/2 Pittsburgh 10/24 San Antonio
10/2 Milwaukee 10/25 Baltimore
10/10 Cincinnati 10/30 St. Louis
10/11 Louisville 11/5 Miami
10/15 Phoenix 11/7 Jacksonville
10/16 Kansas City 11/7 Raleigh
10/17 Salt Lake City 11/12 San Jose
10/18 Portland 11/13 Orlando
10/22 Houston 11/14 Tampa
10/23 Oklahoma City 11/14 San Diego
11/15 Sacramento


Get Windows Azure

  • Sign-up for a free 90-day trial if you don’t already have a Windows Azure subscription.
  • Activate your Preview features (web sites, virtual machines, etc.)
    • Sign into
    • Click on the “Account” page
    • Click on “Preview Features”
    • Click “Try it Now” to activate the preview features

Bring your laptop