Are You Ready to Meet Windows Azure?

The big day is almost here!  June 7th is going to be a very special day for Windows Azure.  If you think you know Windows Azure . . . think again!

It is on June 7th, during a special live event in San Francisco, that Microsoft is going to demonstrate some of the latest features and innovations available in the Windows Azure platform.  Can’t make it to San Francisco?  Me neither.  Fear not – you can watch all the action online at

We are all invited to preview the latest from Windows Azure at a special online event, June 7th at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific. Scott Guthrie will introduce the latest in platform and language support, and increased flexibility for how we can architect, build and deploy applications to the cloud.  Twilio CEO and co-founder, Jeff Lawson, will also be on-hand to talk about building highly scalable web applications that enable great developer and end-user experiences.

When: June 7, 2012 at 1:00pm PDT / UTC-7 hours

Be sure to tune-in to the live streaming event and be among the first to get the preview bits and have questions answered by the Windows Azure engineering team (as in the folks that build the product . .  . sweet)!!

Many Windows Azure MVPs, including myself, will also be online during this time to help answer questions about Windows Azure.  If you have questions, be sure to send a tweet with the #MeetAzure hashtag.  You can also join the Twitter Social Meetup on Lanyard.

Want to learn more about the big day?

Yeah . . . me too!  Until Scott Guthrie kicks off the big event on June 7th, there isn’t much to share . . . or is there?

Want to get started with Windows Azure now?

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