MSDN Webcast: Windows Azure Office Hours, featuring Mike Benkovich

Last Friday I had the pleasure of joining Mike Benkovich for his weekly Windows Azure Office Hours webcast.  Windows Azure Office Hours is a webcast where Mike interviews a Windows Azure expert and also answers questions posted to the site (before the show and LIVE)!  I was honored to join the list of guests that included Mike Woods, Adam Grocholski, Paul Stubbs, Mark Russinovich, and Scott Klein.

For the Windows Azure Office Hours last Friday, Mike and I discussed a wide range of topics related to Windows Azure.  We discussed how I got started working with Windows Azure, my involvement with the excellent Windows Azure Boot Camps, and we spent quite a bit of time talking about the NuGet packages from Microsoft’s Developer Platform Evangelism team that help Windows Phone developers easily use Windows Azure.

During our conversation, I walked through a full demo that showed how to use the NuGet packages.  The demo showed how to quickly create a simple Windows Phone application that uses Windows Azure Access Control Services (ACS) to secure the application.  I also showed how to easily use Windows Azure tables, blobs, and queues from the Windows Phone app, and to do so securely by using a proxy web service that is secured with ACS.  All that was done in about 20 minutes!

Watch a recording of the webcast or download it now.

If you’d like to explore the tools and NuGet packages I showed, please check out the list of resources below.


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