Looking forward to CodeMash 2012

I’ve spent some time this week looking back on 2011 and preparing for a few initiatives I want to get done in early 2012.  As I was looking through my calendar for the next month, I noticed a nice gem coming up in a few weeks – CodeMash 2012!

I’ve been attending CodeMash since the conference’s start in 2007. It’s been really exciting to see the conference grow from a somewhat small regional conference to what is really now a fairly major national event.  Heck, CodeMash sold out in around 20 minutes this year!!  Attendees come from all over the U.S.  I believe some speakers are even coming from overseas this year.  All this for a technology conference in Sandusky, OH in January – wow!!!

So why am I so excited about CodeMash again this year?  For starters, just take a look at the session line up!  There are some great speakers and topics.  I’m starting to prep my “must see” list for CodeMash, and a few sessions I’m really looking forward to checking out are:

The keynote sessions by Ted Neward and Barry Hawkins also look to be really great!  Besides the great sessions and keynotes, the side hallway conversations with the crazy smart CodeMash attendees are always invaluable!  Some would go so far as to say it is the side conversations themselves that are the reason they attend CodeMash.

This year I’m happy to be attending CodeMash as a member of Neudesic.  When I joined Neudesic earlier this year, I made it a point to spread the word about CodeMash.  I’m very pleased to have a few of my Neudesic colleagues joining me at CodeMash this year.  Joining me this year are Monish Nagisetty, Bryce Calhoun, and Ted Neward.  All of us are really looking forward to meeting all the smart folks at CodeMash and experiencing all that CodeMash has to offer . . . like the bacon bar!

If you would like some quality one-on-one time with Ted Neward, or other Neudesic rock stars who can answer your most pressing questions, at CodeMash, I’d definitely encourage you to do so.  Ted’s always a blast to talk with!  He’s a crazy smart guy with great insights into today’s technology issues.  Kelli Piepkow is coordinating all the logistics for those meetings, and you can reach her here.

The CodeMash countdown is on.  Less the 2 weeks to go!!