Windows Azure and Windows Phone 7 Firestarter

On Saturday, August 13th I will be speaking at the Windows Azure and Windows Phone 7 Firestarter in Columbus, OH.  The firestarter is an all day event designed to give developers a jumpstart on creating exciting Windows Phone 7 applications that leverage the power and flexibility of the Windows Azure platform. 

If you’re a developer that is looking to get started with building a Windows Phone 7 application, then this is going to be a great FREE event for you.  If all this talk about “going to the cloud” has you excited, or even a little confused, then this firestarter will help get you going in the right direction.  The day will feature 4 sessions – 2 on Windows Phone 7 and 2 on Windows Azure.  There will also have dedicated time set aside for you to work on labs to help you hone your skills and gain some valuable hands-on experience.  After all, the best way to learn about a technology is to use it, right?  If the labs aren’t your thing, then use the time to sling some code and create a great application.  We’ll be around to help you!

At the firestarter I am honored to be joined by Microsoft evangelists Brian Prince and Jeff Blankenburg, as well as Windows Phone 7 expert Sam Basu.  The firestarter will be held from 8:30am – 5:00pm at the Microsoft office in Columbus.  Please visit to sign up for this event.

See you there!

P.S.  If you’re in the Columbus, OH area and want to get even more involved with Windows Azure or Windows Phone 7, be sure to check out the Central Ohio Cloud Computing User Group and the Central Ohio Windows Phone User Group.

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