Talking About Windows Azure at Cloud Connections

This week I will be at Cloud Connections in Las Vegas where I will have the privilege of speaking about some of the great things you can do with the Windows Azure platform.  I’m really excited about this conference.  The speaker lineup is top-notch!  Plus, following on the heals of MIX11 last week, I think there will be a lot of buzz around Windows Azure and Windows Phone 7.

I’ll be giving three sessions at Cloud Connections:

  • Windows Azure – What, Why and How
  • The Hybrid Windows Azure Application
  • Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure – A Match Made in the Cloud

You can find the full session abstracts at and the full conference schedule at  Of course, be sure to visit the conference site for the latest updates.

I’ll be posting my slide decks and any sample code to my blog shortly after the conference.  Be sure to check back here for the latest updates.

I’ll also be hanging out throughout the conference at Microsoft’s Windows Azure booth in the expo hall.  Stop by, say “hi”, and we can chat all about Windows Azure!