Access Control Services – Not Just for Boring Business Applications

Today at MIX11 the wraps officially came off for the updated version of Windows Azure Access Control Services (ACS).  One of the really exciting features in this latest version of ACS is the easy integration now available with web identity providers such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo! and Windows Live.  These features for ACS have been available in the labs environment for a while, but now they’re ready for prime time!

Most people probably think ACS is a “big business” only type of feature.  Not so fast my friend!  Today at MIX11, Vittorio Bertocci showed how an online game can take advantage of ACS to make it very easy for new gamers to join in on the action.  The guys at Angry Toy Factory are the brains behind the exciting new online strategy game AtlantisOnlineAtlantisOnline uses Access Control Services to handle all their authentication needs.  This enables you to use your existing Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, or Windows Live ID to get set up and playing AtlantisOnlineHow sweet is that?!?!

This is a great another great example of just how easy it is to use Access Control Services in Window Azure to create a great experience for your customers.  Check out the video on Channel9 for a quick look at AtlantisOnline and using Access Control Services, including a special bonus code for the game!!