Time to go to Camp!

It’s that time of the year again.  It is time to go to camp!  I’m not talking about the s’more roasting, hiking, bug eating camp of your youth.  Heck, it’s way too cold right now for that craziness.  I’m talking about boot camp!

Over the course of the next few months Microsoft is hosting a series of boot camps to help get your coding muscles in shape.  If you want to fly high in the cloud with Windows Azure or keep both feet on terra firma with Windows 7, there is a boot camp for you.

Windows Azure Boot Camp (2-days)

Windows Azure Boot Camp is back for a second year!  I was privileged to participate in the first round of boot camps in 2010.  The Windows Azure Boot Camps were a lot of fun then, and I’m really looking forward to all the exciting new Windows Azure developments we can explore with the boot camps in 2011.

Windows Azure Boot Camp is a 2-day, deep dive on all things Windows Azure.  Over the course of the two days we’ll go in-depth on topics like Windows Azure storage services (tables, queues, and blobs), Windows Azure compute services (web, worker, and VM roles), diagnostics and service management, SQL Azure, Windows Azure AppFabric, scenarios and patterns for cloud computing, and resources to get you started and go even deeper!  By the time you graduate from Windows Azure Boot Camp you will be prepared to go full steam ahead into the cloud with Windows Azure!

While this is a boot camp, you will need to bring some of your own goodies.  You’ll be slinging some code.  So, you’ll want to bring your favorite laptop.  Prior to your first day, you’ll want to make sure you have all the boot camp prerequisites loaded and ready to go on your laptop.  Check out www.windowsazurebootcamp.com/whattobring for instructions on what you’ll need.

Sounds awesome, right?  To find out more, including how to register for a Windows Azure Boot Camp near you, please visit www.windowsazurebootcamp.com today!

For the Win: Windows 7 Boot Camp (1-day)

Sure, all the Tweeps may be talking about Windows Azure, Windows Phone 7, or iSomething, but let’s get real – client-side development on PCs is still king and not going away anytime soon.  The vast majority of people I work with still get paid good money to write applications for Windows Server, Windows 7, or Windows XP (dear Lord, please help those Windows XP guys 😉 ).

If you want to learn how to write great applications for Windows 7, IE9, or Silverlight 4 (out-of-browser applications), then this boot camp is for you!  In this boot camp you’ll get to see how to leverage some of the great new features available for applications running on the Windows 7 platform, tips for migrating to Windows 7, creating great web applications for IE9 – including site pinning, and how to go OOB (that’s out-of-browser) with Silverlight 4.  There’s even a special section on super geeky cool stuff like sensors, location, and multitouch application development with Windows 7!!

Much like the Windows Azure Boot Camp, your time at the Windows 7 Boot Camp will involve you writing code.  Be sure to bring your favorite Windows  7 loaded laptop (why bring a Windows XP laptop to a Windows 7 boot camp).  Get all the goodies installed ahead of time too.  Check out www.windowsdevbootcamp.com/WhatToBring.aspx for a list of what you’ll need.

To find out more, including how to register for a Windows 7 Boot Camp near you, please visit www.windowsdevbootcamp.com today.