CodeMash 2011

Next week is going to be a great week – it’s the start of CodeMash!!

I’ve been attending CodeMash since the first CodeMash in 2007.  The conference continues to get better and better each year!  Heck, CodeMash sold out in 3 days this time!!  Amazing!

CodeMash 2011 will be the first time that I will be a presenter at CodeMash.  I’m very honored to be included in the great group of speakers at CodeMash.  Not surprisingly, I will be talking about Windows Azure.  My session, entitled “Windows Azure – What, Why, and How” will be held on Friday afternoon.  It should be a fun time.  I’m really looking forward to CodeMash, and talking to many people about Windows Azure.

In addition to presenting at CodeMash, and enjoying all the other great sessions there, I will also helping out with one of the wonderful PreCompiler session at CodeMash.  Mike Wood and Rob Gillen will be leading up a cloud computing precompiler where they’ll be showing people many of the great aspects of both Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services.  I will be helping Mike and Rob out with these precompiler sessions.  If you are planning to attend these precompiler sessions, I would encourage you to make sure you have the prerequisites loaded and ready to go on your laptops.  Mike Wood as a great posting on the prereqs here.

If cloud computing isn’t your thing, another great session is going to be my friend Shawn Wallace’s session “The Algorithms Still Count”.  Shawn’s session is sure to be very interesting.  It seems these days we geeks get all hot and bothered about new frameworks and shiney technologies for the web or desktop.  But, we often forget what is still one of the most important aspects of writing great software – picking the right algorithm for the problem at hand.  This is going to be a must see!

CodeMash is going to be a lot of fun.  See you there!!