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Setting a Web/Worker Role Name

I was recently reminded by my friend Nuno that you can actually set the name of the machine used in a Windows Azure Cloud Service (Web or Worker Role).  Normally I really don’t care about the name of the machine.

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Multiple Subscriptions – One Credit Card?

A Windows Azure subscription is essentially a billing and security mechanism.  Sometimes it is necessary to have multiple Windows Azure subscriptions.  For instance, one subscription is for personal work, while another subscription is for your job/professional work. If you have

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The Marriage of Cloud and Mobility

Bytes by MSDN Interview - Michael Collier

Anybody that follows me or my blog knows that I’m a huge proponent of using a cloud platforms such as Windows Azure to power new mobility applications.  Windows Azure offers so many great features that it seems silly to me

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Sending Text Messages from Your Windows Azure Service

Recently I was waiting at O’Hare for a flight back to Columbus.  I fired up Evernote to catch up on some Windows Azure articles I wanted to read (I save a lot of things to Evernote).  One of the first

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Windows Azure Kick Start Tour

When I talk with people about Windows Azure and show them some of the really cool things you can do with Windows Azure, one of first questions I’ll get is “how do I get started?” Microsoft is also holding a

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Windows Azure for Developers – Building Block Services

This past Wednesday, March 7th I wrapped up the fourth webcast in my Windows Azure for Developers series.  This one was focused on what I sometimes refer to as the building block services for Windows Azure – Access Control Services

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Detroit Day of Azure

I’m thrilled to be speaking at the Detroit Day of Azure on Saturday, March 24th.  This is going to be a one day event that will cover many areas of the Windows Azure platform.  I’ll be giving two presentations, “The

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Deploying a Windows Azure & SQL Azure Solution with Visual Studio Team Build

Recently I have been working on a project where we needed to deploy both our Windows Azure and SQL Azure projects in a controlled and automated manner.  We were already using Visual Studio Team Build for source control and doing simple gated

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Windows Azure Application

Last week my first major Windows Azure article was published.  I’ve written articles for my blog, and even been honored to be asked to guest author an article for another blog (check that article out here). The article on

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Windows Azure at the Dayton IT Pro Camp

Yesterday (1/18/2012) I was able to give a Windows Azure presentation to a group (about 80) IT Pros at the Dayton IT Pro Camp.  I co-presented with Brian Prince, who is a buddy of mine and a Principle Cloud Evangelist for Microsoft.

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